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About Scringo

Scringo offers a complete set of features, enhancements and tools to simply help mobile app developers make more out of their apps. Developers can instantly find & add engagement, community-driven, social & monetization features to their apps using a fully customized, swiped-in, sidebar. Using Scringo's Developer Zone, developers can manage and customize their apps, connect with their users, listen to their feedback, send them free system messages & push notifications and gain valuable insights about their apps & users. And it's all for free.

  • Elon Gecht Co-founder, CEO
  • Ofer Kalisky Co-founder, CTO
  • Ran Avrahamy Co-founder, VP Marketing & Products
About Elon
Elon is a veteran mobile executive, with over 20 years of experience in developing and managing robust and scalable software. Before Scringo, Elon worked as a consultant for Waze, a global mobile company, helping them make cloud-based servers, supporting tens of millions of users. Prior to Waze, Elon was Vice President of research and development at Finjan (acq. by M86). There he built a high quality enterprise-ready product. In Scringo, Elon is overseeing the company's global direction, planning and execution.
About Ofer
Ofer can be described as "The ultimate developer". He has over 15 years of mobile development experience in companies like Waze, SundaySky & Onset Technology. Ofer is an expert in using each specific device and OS, to make sure it has the best UI experience. Apps developed by Ofer are used by tens of millions users. In Scringo, Ofer is in charge of all our development efforts, making sure our developers get the most complete and robust solution in the market.
About Ran
Ran is a mobile, social, new-media and all tech-related freak. Before Scringo, Ran served in various marketing & business development roles, helping startups grow. Ran has a lot of experience with marketing, distributing & monetizing mobile apps, leading scaled mobile projects and managing international developer communities. In Scringo, Ran is managing the product, marketing and partnership efforts, and leading the strong relationship between Scringo and its developers community.

We're in it for the long run

Scringo's creation story is a classic one - we're a group of experienced developers and marketers with vast knowledge in developing & marketing mobile apps as well as scalable and robust server-side code. We are passionate about creating good and solid software to serve effective products.

Over the years, we've struggled with a recurring pain in the mobile app ecosystem. This pain can be defined as the 3 R's: Reach. Retention. Revenue. Our mission is to ease that pain.

We've created a standard solution, a one-stop-shop if you will, to deal with mobile app developers' pain points. Both our cross-platform SDK and our "Developer Zone" were built with a developer's mind-set because that's who we are.

Backed by amazing investors, who strongly believe in our vision - we're here and we're here to stay.

So join the growing Scringo community and let us know what you think. It would mean the world to us!

Good luck,

-The Scringo team.

Contact Us


Scringo HQ
Hamasger 1, Suite 112
Ra'anana, Israel, 4365201