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Join the Scringo ecosystem

Partnerships are a part of our DNA. We strongly believe in classic all-win collaborations, which is why we've opened up our Partners Program.

Development Platforms

Is your company all about PaaS? MBaaS? Are you a part of a cross platform development tool? Got access to great developers and want to help them enrich their offering?
Scringo can offer your developers a variety of features, enhancements and tools to create more social, engaging & profitable apps. Stay focused on your vision. Save valuable time & money and let us do the work.

    What do you get?

  • Hand-in-hand strategic partners all with a common goal - help developers make great apps!!
  • Fully supported integration process
  • Early access to Scringo's new features
  • Mutually creating unique features relevant to your target audience with other passionate partners

Mobile Solution Provider

Got a kick-ass SDK? Already helping out thousands of developers with a unique offering? How about becoming a part of a growing community and expose your offering to thousands more? Scringo is all about creating an ecosystem of complete and holistic solutions for mobile developers. We welcome and appreciate each and every partner that wants to take a part of this vision.

    What do you get?

  • Reaching new developers and ensuring more revenue opportunities
  • Seamless integration of your SDK / solution to Scringo's Developer Zone
  • Early access to Scringo's new features
  • Co-branded marketing plan

App development Agencies / Studios

Have you already built dozens of apps? Do you always ask yourself, "What's gonna be my next X-factor?" Do you want to make your customers even more satisfied? Scringo can easily help you out by allowing you to simply focus on what you do best (create amazing apps of course!) and bring your apps to a whole new level of greatness!

    What do you get?

  • You get your focus back!
  • A fully supported Developer Zone - Where you can easily manage all of your apps & users in one place
  • Close Scringo support for your multiple apps
  • Discover new revenue streams for your / your clients' apps

Or any other..

Couldn't find yourself on one of the above? That's totally fine because we would love to hear from any relevant player in the app-creating ecosystem. Just write us down and we'll be happy to discuss any available opportunity!

Become a Partner

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