Ad Blocking is a
Consumer Right.

Full Stop.

Who’s Monetizing Your Pipe?

Total impressions (daily)


Impressions by hour

Carriers Are Giving Subscribers the Choice to Block Ads. Learn More


Impression-level visibility of Ad Tech usage, monetization and abuse of Carrier Infrastructure.

For the first time, and with unprecedented clarity, Carriers can see exactly which Ad Networks are actively monetizing on their infrastructure, at what volume, and at what monetary value.



Dialed and granular control of mobile advertising.

Carriers can now stop Ad Tech dead in its tracks, protecting infrastructure and delivering an advertising-pollution-free user experience for Subscribers.


With offices in California and Israel, Shine is defined by the sum of its parts. A team of 23, our backgrounds include White Hat Hacking, Intelligence Corps, Consumer Marketing and Sales.

We bring together PhD’s in Engineering, with graduates of Archeology, History, Arts, Theatre, along​ ​with​ ​autodidacts, so we can look at the world differently and develop technology accordingly.